Peace. Hope. Laughter. Love. Feeling at one with the world. That’s waiting for your family at Silver Brumby Estate.

It’s a place where you’ll rediscover the things that matter. Sharing time together, getting out into nature, appreciating the simpler things in life. From the tranquillity of paddling down a stream or strolling along a country lane, to the exhilaration of reeling in that elusive fish, or schussing down a black run, and everything in between, the Silver Brumby experience is all about well-being and living life to the full.

Here you will embrace the true wonder of the seasons. Autumn delivers a dramatic curtain of gold as Bredbo’s famous poplars put on their annual display and pops of red and orange appear about the region. Winter provides a backdrop of snow-capped hills, frost on the ground, crisp mountain air, and moody skies. Spring is the time of new life and lambs abound in the paddocks as wildflowers adorn the roadsides and gullies, giving way to shimmering summers where the heat rolls off the plains and relief is found in the crystal waters of the Murrumbidgee.

Life at Silver Brumby Estate will rejuvenate your body and soul.

Meandering on the Murrumbidgee.

Launch a kayak or canoe from the bank and explore this iconic Australian waterway. Enjoy the true beauty of the surrounding countryside from your unique vantage point on the water; ribbon gums, casuarinas, the surrounding hills, the bird song, all make for a magical encounter.

The rivers and waterholes in the surrounding bushland make for ideal swimming conditions. With easy access formed by natural beaches on river bends, why not take a dip in between chapters of that book you’ve started to read after so long?

Bredbo is fisher heaven. Cast in a line or take up the challenge of fly fishing, whether it’s a few minutes’ walk from your back door, or a few minutes’ drive to the nearby renowned fishing holes. At Silver Brumby Estate you are in the heartland of the best inland fishing in New South Wales.

Pack a picnic, choose your spot, roll out a blanket and while away an afternoon with family and friends. Just because.

Winter wonderland.

Bredbo is just 90 minutes from Australia’s premier snow resorts at Thredbo and Perisher, closer to Mt Selwyn, and backroads will take you into pristine high country for a cross country adventure. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned expert, or just want to make snow angels with your kids, living at Silver Brumby Estate is the perfect stepping off point for a comfortable day trip to the snow.